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Step1: Milling
In our Mill Room, we gently crack the husk of malted barley to create grist which is then stored in the grist case. We use only the finest barley to make our beer.

Step 2: Grist
After milling, the grist is stored in the case. We use over a dozen varieties of malted barley for our various beer styles.

Step 3: Mashing
After milling, the grist goes into the mash tun where it is mixed with warm filtered water resulting in a sweet liquid known as wort . After about an hour, the wort is run off to the kettle.

Step 4: Boiling
When our steam kettle is full of wort , the liquid is brought to a boil. Hops are added to create just the right blend of bitterness and aroma.

Step 5: Cooling
After an hour or so of boiling the hopped wort is pumped from the kettle through our heat exchanger. As it is cooled , the liquid is collected in a primary fermenter.

Step 6: Fermenting
Cultured yeast is added to the wort to start the fermentation process. during the next several days of fermentation, the yeast consumes the sugars of the brew, creating carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Step 7: Conditioning and Filtering
After fermentation, the brew is pumped to the conditioning tanks. In these sealed tanks, the beer develops natural carbonation. Then the beer is cold filtered to remove the yeast and to make it smoother tasting.

Step 8: Dispensing
Once the brewing process is complete, our beer is held in dispensing tanks in our cold room. From here, our various beers are served brewery fresh.

Step 9: Drinking
Our beer is ready to drink in 10 to 14 days. Enjoy the taste of fresh beer. Made on the premises with the finest ingredients and no preservatives or artificial additives.